MB INTERNATIONAL SUMMER CAMP: Fun, Sport and Learning English or Italian

Come to the seaside and learn English or Italian! Do sports and activities with other international students and have a fun study holiday in Lignano, Italy, the land of Leonardo da Vinci!

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Some statistics about last SummerCamp 2018 Edition:

19 were the different countries where guys came from.

14 were guys that came from Russia, the most represented country, Italy apart, and 7 guys from Unites States and 5

 from France. 8 excursions took place in the 4 weeks, in  4 differentt places.

MB International Summer Camp

A Carefully selected location 

The MB International Summer Camp is an Europe Camp hosted in a residential center with 60 hectares of pine forest with a 1,2 Km stretch of private beach in Lignano Sabbiadoro, a renowed and popular Summer Holiday resort 80 Km north of Venice

An international program 

In addition to the morning lessons with qualified mother-tongue teachers, your children will share a bedroom with someone of another nationality and, in the afternoons, for all the recreational activities and sports they will have to use the foreign language to speak to their companions. 

MB International Summer Camp offers two different programs, one for Juniors (from 8 to 15 years old) and one for Young Adults (from 16 to 20 years old). 

Junior Program:  8 – 15 years old

Summer Camp programma JuniorDuring their stay in Lignano, Italian and foreign children attend an English or Italian language course run by qualified mother-tongue teachers in the morning (with a total amount of 20 lessons per week). In the afternoon, they can take part in a variety of youth sporting activities also using the great expanse of private beach available, together with children of other nationalities in the same age group, so that they can practise the language skills they have learnt in the morning.

The exclusive feature of our Summer Camp in Lignano Sabbiadoro lies in that the children and adolescents are all immersed in a multicultural environment, together with foreign children coming from nearly one dozen different countries, who come and study Italian and get to know their Italian peers.

Thus, during the Europe camp children learn the language from a new perspective: nor just as a boring school subject, but as an important mean of communication with new friends and a chance to discover new cultures.

Download the Junior Program brochure

Young adults program: 16 – 20 years old

Summer Camp programma TeenagerMB International Summer Camp for young adults combines Italian or English language tuition with a choice of sports, activities and excursions in the fully equipped residential village of Villaggio Adriatico.

This program has been introduced to meet the preferences of young adults while also satisfying needs of their parents.

Ideal for students: You are given the independence to do what you prefer outside of lessons. Whether this involves relaxing on the beach or taking part in one of the many sports, activities or excursions on offer, it’s your choice! If you wish to leave the village unsupervised your parents must send written authorisation upon enrolment.

Ideal for parents: While your son or daughter is away in the Europe Camp in Lignano you have peace of mind that he/she is staying in a secure environment with full time supervision and support from MB staff. Your child will not be allowed to leave the village unsupervised unless you give written authorisation when he/she enrols. In this situation, we expect him/her to keep MB staff informed of his/her whereabouts and to return to the village by mid-night.

Download the Young Adults Program brochure


Italian or English tuition

Corso di inglese MB International Summer Camp

  • Choice of language course: Italian or English
  • Highly qualified native teachers
  • Relevant experience
  • Recognised industry qualifications to teach English as a foreign language
  • 20 lessons per week, 45 minutes each
  • Activity based learning (make them fun!)
  • Maximum of 15 students per class
  • Other staff members run the sports and leisure program so the teachers’ attention is focused on the language course


Activity & recreation

Attività sportive e ricreative Summer CampChildren learn by playing with other children, so it is fundamental for their youth to exploit every opportunity to let them play with other children who speak another language.

Unfortunately, for people living in their home country the opportunities are rather limited and that is why MB has created its International Summer Camp: to give your children the opportunity to play and practise sports with other foreign children in an international environment.

Internationality, sports, games, sun, sea and fun are the most important ingredients for a unique and unforgettable experience for your children at the start of the school holidays.

Health and security

We make every effort to ensure that we satisfy the concerns of parents regarding the personal safety and supervision of their children:

  • The 60 hectares of private premises are fully enclosed and patrolled by professional security 24 hours a day
  • MB staff provide 24 hour supervision (staff/student ratio of 1:10)
  • There is 24 hour healthcare on site
  • Lifeguards are on duty at all pools and on the beach
  • Medical insurance is included in the price for Italian Residents. For the others available at an extra cost.



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What our past students say

Students’ safety and satisfaction in their youth activities are the priority for MB. We run a program where every children or teenager can feel themselves at home. It is important for us that every need and request are listened and welcomed, in order that everyone enjoy their stay at the Village, learning a new language and sport, making new international friends.  

Some students decide to enroll for more than one time, as they have had a great experience the Summer before. Read what past students say about MB International Summer Camp in Lignano Sabbiadoro!


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